Who We Are

Here at River Rock Property Management we are truly dedicated to serving every one of our customers Lawn care, Landscape, and Snow Removal needs treating every single property like it's our own.

At River Rock we value Relationships with every one of our Associates, Suppliers, mort importantly our Customers which is why we make an extra effort to maintain any and all relationships by being Dependable and Trust Worthy to anyone associated with our business.

From your first consultation to the final install of a project you are always informed with great commutation with in our business and to our customers. it is highly important to us that our customers are educated and well connected regarding the project.

From our educated and motivated associates at River Rock we are dedicated to serve Michigans Landscape and Snow Removal needs.

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Where we came from

My whole life as long as I can remember I have loved working hard at anything I can find myself getting into from at 5 years old picking up sticks for family members to at age 15 mowing neighbors lawns all the way to 2 years ago when we filed for an LLC.

Starting and running a successful business was truly always my dream I just love making customers happy and serving needs so to say I am living the dream is true for me truly loving what we do makes it easy for us to do a great job.

In my little free time I enjoy volunteering coaching hockey, playing golf, and spending time in northern Michigan on the trails or in the lake.

Owner -Kyle R. Husulak